[Tiger Tracks adds] more New Wave nerviness...that fans of XTC and the Shins will recognize.”

Riverfront Times

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[Louisa is] breezy and summery...”
...airy, hand-made feel, with enough smart touches to show attention to detail.”

Riverfront Times

rftcassingle.pdf Riverfront Times, published 6/15/2016. 295 KB
...a convincing power pop act with enough quirky hooks to hold attention.”

— Shepherd Express

Chicago e.p. review Shepherd Express, published 1/19/2006. 111 KB


"Dutch Courage- 1. Courage resulting from the drinking of an alcoholic beverage.  2. an alcoholic beverage, often gin.  3. a creator of memorable hook and mood-driven pop music."

Dutch Courage is the alter-ego of St. Louis based songwriter Andy Puechner, who has been writing and performing his bedroom-folk & pop stylings since the summer of 2003.  These songs have been documented track-by-track in the most elegant, high-tech facilities available: living rooms, basements, and practice spaces.  After microphones were bought or borrowed, plug-ins downloaded, cellphones silenced, and neighbors nonplussed...five E.P.'s, a cassingle, and a full-length concept album emerged.

Dutch Courage's music shares in the contemporary Folk and Pop spaces with artists like Crooked Fingers and Andrew Bird, with an eye back to guitarists like John Fahey & Gábor Szabó.   The music is centered on Puechner's voice and fingerstyle guitar work- melodic hooks are simultaneously barbed and gentle, with lyrics somehow both bitter and sweet, optimistic & wry.

Keep an eye out for several EP releases in 2017, and follow on Facebook to stay up-to-date!