The scope is both grand and intimate: He feels the weight of the family name amid allusions to prophets and sages, but couches his decision to end the family line amid a resonant drone and bright guitar lines in a way that sounds like a triumph of self-actualization.”

Riverfront Times

[Tiger Tracks adds] more New Wave nerviness...that fans of XTC and the Shins will recognize.”

Riverfront Times

TTreleaseRFT Riverfront Times, published 4/19/2017 304 KB
[Louisa is] breezy and summery...”
...airy, hand-made feel, with enough smart touches to show attention to detail.”

Riverfront Times

rftcassingle.pdf Riverfront Times, published 6/15/2016. 295 KB
...a convincing power pop act with enough quirky hooks to hold attention.”

— Shepherd Express

Chicago e.p. review Shepherd Express, published 1/19/2006. 111 KB


"Dutch Courage- 1. Courage resulting from the drinking of an alcoholic beverage.  2. an alcoholic beverage, often gin.  3. a creator of memorable hook-filled pop music."


Milwaukee-born songwriter Andy Puechner grew up obsessed with music: playing his father’s dusty rock albums in the family's basement rumpus-room, years spent soaking up concert band music in school, and making a neighborhood-irritating racket playing bass guitar in his High School punk bands.  His talent for melody and song-craft convinced him to perform solo under the guise of Dutch Courage, garnering notice from outlets such as the Riverfront Times and the Shepherd Express.

Puechner opened his career with an ambitious start, self-recording his first EP Chicago (2005) with borrowed microphones, clunky software, and (thankfully) oblivious neighbors. He then followed up that release with his sole full-length album, My Life In The Service (2007), a concept album about disenfranchisement and disillusionment during and after wartime. Since then, he’s gone on to self-release three more EPs, Slow Volume (2011), Amigurumi Heart (2013), and Devil On The Left Shoulder (2014).  He has more recently released four singles, Louisa (2016), Tiger Tracks (2017), Ancient Mark (2017), and Another First Son (2019).

Puechner continues to perform locally in St. Louis as Dutch Courage, all the while writing and recording new music in his South City bungalow.